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Harken Videos

Other Sailing Videos

Harken and North Sails J/24 Training Videos 

Harken and North Sails, in collaboration with J/24 skipper Will Crump, have created an interactive CD-ROM with a series of videos demonstrating competitive J/24 boathandling techniques. We purchased a copy of this CD-ROM from Harken and we typically show it to our new crew members. But since a sailor from Argentina uploaded these videos to YouTube, we thought we'd give you a sneak preview below :-)

Competitive J/24 Boathandling - Introduction

This video is designed as a jump-start guide and reference source for organizing and training a team for top boat-handling performance in the J/24 class (more...)
Chapter 1 - Tacking Techniques

Amongst the tools in boat handling, tacking should be considered the most basic unit. In an average race a team will tack more than any of their other boat handling operations combined. That's a lot when you consider that a tack generally is the one operation in boat handling that slows the boat down (more...)
Chapter 2 - Spinnaker Sets

It's in the corners of the race course that shaving seconds or even half-seconds can make huge differences in overall speed and tactical edge. In this chapter about spinnaker sets we emphasize the importance and sequence of the functions during the set so that the individual processes can flow together without interrupting the boat's forward progress (more...)
Chapter 3 - Gybing Techniques

Gybing is all about using crew weight placement to drive the boat through the turn (more...)
Chapter 4 - Spinnaker Douses

The leeward mark and the spinnaker douse are opportunities to either make up distance lost in other areas of the race or to maintain on boats gained in previous maneuvers (more...)
Chapter 5 - Starting Techniques

While starts involve tacks and gybes which are already covered in this video, there are certain patterns to starting and boat handling that can be seen in nearly every good start (more...)

Other Sailing Videos 

This section contains some other cool sailing videos we have discovered on YouTube! Hope you enjoy them!

Animation - All Japan Championship 2009

This is a very cool computer animation of a race during the 2009 J/24 All Japan Championship showing the position of each of the boats during Race 1. Each boat carries a GPS unit which records the position and the "track" of each boat. After the race, the data from all the GPS units is combined to show an animation of the entire race.

0:00 - boats sailing back and forth prior to start
0:14 - start of race, boats head up wind
1:07 - leaders round windward mark and head down
1:41 - leaders reach leeward gate ...
Volvo Around the World Ocean Race

EXTREME SAILING! This is a way cool video showing clips from the 2005-2006 Volvo Around the World Ocean Race! Seven boats competed on the race: ABN-AMRO I, ABN-AMRO II (Netherlands), Brazil I (Brazil), Brunel/Sunergy (Australia), Ericsson (Sweden), Movistar (Spain), and Pirates of the Caribbean (USA). The race took over seven months and was won by ABN-AMRO I.
Extreme Sailing 2

MORE EXTREME SAILING! This is a must see video showing more clips from the Volvo Around the World Ocean Race along with clips from the aptly named "Extreme Sailing Series" in Europe (featuring "Extreme 40" catamarans) as well as clips from maxi-trimarans such as Sodeb'O (holder of the single-handed trans-Atlantic speed record) and the hydrofoiling French trimaran L'Hydroptere which is the fastest sailboat on the planet (clocking speeds of over 70 mph) and which looks more like a Klingon "Bird of Prey" than a sailing rocket ship!