J/24 Fleet 21 at AYC
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Fleet 21 Videos

These are some videos taken by J/24 Fleet 21 members and show us sailing our J/24s on Lake Travis.

Team ayeBoat - Leukemia Cup 2008

This video shows "Team ayeBoat" racing on Lake Travis during the 2008 Leukemia Cup sponsored by Austin Yacht Club. During one of the races, our friend Kelly crosses on port tack and "threads the needle" between two starboard tack boats!

0:06 - Getting close to shore so we tack onto starboard.
0:22 - The red boat is approaching on port tack.
0:33 - Red boat tacks onto starboard on top of us.
0:34 - Now Kelly is approaching on port tack.
0:37 - This one's going to be closer!
0:40 - Kelly threads the needle between both boats!
0:42 - That was close!
Team Superman Synchronicity

Racing a J/24 requires teamwork and perfectly synchronized moves between skipper and crew... This video shows "Team Superman" (from Austin Yacht Club) practicing their skills aboard a friend's boat (named "Audacity") while their boat "Superman" was under repair. By the way, their boat is named "Superman" because of the Red, Yellow and Blue stripes... the boat's name was going to be either "Superman" or "Plastic Jesus" and... well... it's a long story ;-) But we digress. Watch this video to see "Team Superman's" highly honed skills and perfectly synchronized moves :-)

Harken and North Sails J/24 Training Videos 

Harken and North Sails, in collaboration with J/24 skipper Will Crump, have created an interactive CD-ROM with a series of videos demonstrating competitive J/24 boathandling techniques. We purchased a copy of this CD-ROM from Harken and we typically show it to our new crew members. But since a sailor from Argentina uploaded these videos to YouTube, we thought we'd give you a sneak preview below :-)

Competitive J/24 Boathandling - Introduction

This video is designed as a jump-start guide and reference source for organizing and training a team for top boat-handling performance in the J/24 class (more...)
Chapter 1 - Tacking Techniques

Amongst the tools in boat handling, tacking should be considered the most basic unit. In an average race a team will tack more than any of their other boat handling operations combined. That's a lot when you consider that a tack generally is the one operation in boat handling that slows the boat down (more...)
Chapter 2 - Spinnaker Sets

It's in the corners of the race course that shaving seconds or even half-seconds can make huge differences in overall speed and tactical edge. In this chapter about spinnaker sets we emphasize the importance and sequence of the functions during the set so that the individual processes can flow together without interrupting the boat's forward progress (more...)
Chapter 3 - Gybing Techniques

Gybing is all about using crew weight placement to drive the boat through the turn (more...)
Chapter 4 - Spinnaker Douses

The leeward mark and the spinnaker douse are opportunities to either make up distance lost in other areas of the race or to maintain on boats gained in previous maneuvers (more...)
Chapter 5 - Starting Techniques

While starts involve tacks and gybes which are already covered in this video, there are certain patterns to starting and boat handling that can be seen in nearly every good start (more...)

J/24 Championship Videos

This section contains YouTube videos for several J/24 Worlds and European Championships.

2007 J/24 Worlds - Vallarta, Mexico

Video from the 2007 J/24 World Championships held in Vallarta, Mexico. Contains "some" sailing footage, followed by lots of dancefloor footage showing a huge party... We heard it from good sources that, yes, they managed to have a regatta down there, despite all the partying, but you wouldn't know it from seeing the video ;-)

P.S. If you look closely, you can see some of our J/24 friends from Austin who qualified for the World Championships! But, the question is, do you think the video shows them sailing or partying? ;-)
2005 J/24 Worlds - Weymouth, England

Video from the 2005 J/24 World Championships held in Weymouth, England. Lots of on-the-water footage showing J/24s racing! Compare with the video below from the 2007 World Championships held in Vallarta, Mexico ;-)
1991 J/24 Europeans - Isle of Wight, UK

Vintage video from the final race of the 1991 J/24 European Championships!!! I don't think they were using digital cameras back then ;-) But the video is of surprising quality and narrated with play-by-play commentary:

"--We pick up the boats on the second beat, and we're with McGuire of Ireland, heading up towards the Hill Head buoy. He tacks to get back in towards the center of the course. That's where everybody wants to be this afternoon."

NOTE: The link we show above is for Part 1 but if you follow the link and view the video from YouTube you can click Play All under Playlist and it will auto-play all videos back to back.

J/24 Videos From Around the World!

This section contains videos we have found on YouTube, uploaded by J/24 sailors from around the world! We have already done the hard work of finding the cool videos and we have selected the best videos from each country below... We don't have them ranked in any order... they are more or less in the order we found them, which gives you the chance to discover which is your favorite :-) If after viewing all these you still want more, you can always expore YouTube, and if you find other cool videos worthy of inclusion, or if you find a better candidate for any country we have listed below, please send us an email :-)

Puerto Rico - J/24 Team Maximus 20+ knots

This is a cool video from a J/24 team in Puerto Rico who call themselves "Team Maximus". They are sailing in 20+ knots, and notice they experience a major leeward broach!

1:48 - is the beginning of their broach
1:55 - boom gybes over... look out!
1:57 - the boat is completely sideways
1:58 - notice they are standing up at 90 degrees from the camera angle!
2:24 - finally they upright the boat.

QUESTION: How could they have prevented this broach? ;-)
Holland - J/24 Spring Cup 2009 - Team Heineken

Team Heineken filmed the J/24 Spring Cup in Medemblik, Holland, 16-17 April 2009. Quote from YouTube description:

"--A short impression of the SpringCup on the 16 & 17 May 2009. Medemblik the Netherlands. Join us on a sail under spinnaker, the start and finish. Nice racing."
Argentina - Lake Nahuel Huapi

J/24 sailboats racing on Lake "Nahuel Huapi" in Argentina on the foothills of the Andes Mountains. This was a regatta from Cumelen Bay on the NE shore of the lake to Piedras Blancas near San Carlos de Bariloche. The J/24 named Black Tie won the race! :-)
Hungary - 2008 European Championship Invitation

This invitation video was produced by the Hungarian J/24 Class Association in preparation for the 2008 J/24 European Championships, held in Lake Balaton, Hungary. This was a remarkably well-produced video, and I learned where Europe's largest fresh water lake is :-)

"--We welcome you as a potential participant of the 2008 J/24 European Championships. The race will be held between the 19th and 26th of September 2008 on Europe's largest fresh water lake..."
Germany #1 - Team #3874 training in Hamburg

German J/24 team sailing in Aussenalster Lake in Hamburg... Nice sunny day but it must be cold! We have it nice living and sailing here in Austin!

Germany #2 - Another video from our friends

This time our German friends traveled to the Kiel Fjord for the "Inshore Race Weekend" and battled J/24 #5269 in a match race. I'm sure our friends had a lot of fun editing their video to the tune of: "Mission Impossible!"

Barbados - J/24 Charity Regatta

Quote from YouTube description:

"--Short film showing the J24 Charity Regatta held off Carlisle Bay in Barbados in June 2008."

Music: 'Baile Picante' by Esteban

Italy - J/24 2009 National Championship

The 2009 J/24 Italian National Championship was held in Lake Garda May 28 through June 2 and this video, produced by the J/24 Class Association of Italy, shows footage of the event. This video is in HD and the scenery around Lake Garda is nothing short of stunning and spectacular! This is a MUST SEE video :-)

NOTE: The video shows footage of the boat Fiamme Gialle which won the J/24 World Championships in 2008.
Japan - J/24 Race, Kansai Yacht Club, Nishinomiya

Quote from YouTube description:

"--Sailing Japan this week meant jumping on board Black Pearl, a J24 racing yacht and joining 7 other J24 yachts to race out in front of Shin Nishinomiya yacht club. The race was sponsored by Kansai Yacht Club."